Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Montréal sous la neige

Montréal sous la neige
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Montreal is my home town. I have been on Rue Saint-Denis several times and also in this particular area. I recall fondly the many snowstorms that I experienced as a child growing up in this city. I try to revisit Montreal whenever possible just to recapture some of my past.


Gizmo said...

I forgot to answer the task's 2 questions so I am placing them into this comment's area.
Because I am still really new to Flick'r, I am unsure of its use or potential. I suppose browsing for photos would be great. Just about any picture could be found, I suppose. As far as potential, I am not sure. I know very little about Flick'r to even venture an intelligent guess.
I did the task through trial and error (more error than trial, really) and surprised myself to see that it worked. I still do not quite understand what I did and how the image got to my blog. Just pure luck at this point. :-)

Library Lady said...

I've never been to Montreal, Gizmo! And you must have been doing something right to have figured out how to blog it... I bet if you tried another picture, it would be even easier!