Thursday, July 8, 2010

Impressions of this blog post

Well, to be truthfully honest, I started this blog last summer through Betty Blogger and have not gone into it too much other than a few weeks ago to connect with some friends in South Africa. I have 2 email accounts (personal and professional) and these take up all of my time when I receive about 50 - 60 emails that I need to read, delete and/or respond to on a daily basis. I have a life beyond the computer so I really do not understand how some people have time for all of this - blogs, tweets, email, etc. etc.
If I had more time, perhaps I could get into this. I suppose I need to change my way of thinking.

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Melissa P. said...

Welcome back to Betty Blogger, Gizmo. I completely understand wanting to have a life away from the computer. With that many emails to respond to each day, I'm glad that you're able to find the time to join us again. The fact that you are back says that you have positive attitude towards life-long learning and are setting an example for all of us.