Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photo Sharing - Picasa Web Albums

I loved this task because I saw the wonderful potential that Picasa Web Album has to offer.
Today while browsing through the gift shop at the Royal Botanical Gardens, I came across a set of place mats featuring a cluster of brilliant red poppies. I purchased two sets. Red poppies fascinate me. Their vibrant colour suggests happiness and hope; they are dramatic as they wave about majestically on their long stems.
So I decided to browse through Picasa searching for pictures of red poppies that caught my attention. There were oodles of them but this one looking up from the ground level toward the partially-clouded blue sky was the one that impressed me the most. I just love the way this shot was composed with the poppies framing the blue, cloud-filled sky.
There were several tags for this particular picture: beauty, bottom view, nobody, outdoors, overcast sky, poppy, red, rural scenes, sky and wild flowers.
I found this task especially beneficial and I will most certainly come back to it time and again. It contains a wealth of wonderful pictures; it is a virtual art gallery providing hours of enjoyment possibilities. It also celebrates people's personal experiences showcased with a plethora of pictures and photographic compositions that are artistic as well as wimsical. What a find!


Melissa P. said...

Thanks for sharing a stunning photo. I also really appreciated your comments. I have always associated poppies with sadness, death and loss due to their association with Remembrance Day. Your posting has given me a great new perspective.

Library Lady said...

I have a friend who loves the colour of poppies so much, she painted her entire living room "poppy red" and bought a set of "poppy red" furniture to match... OVERLOAD!