Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Task 9: Cataloguing with The Library Thing


Being a lover of books, this is a Google location that I anticipate using quite a bit. I still have to browse through this much more to get to know all of its features but I did like what I initially saw. It is interesting to check out what others are reading as well as some links to new titles and authors I have not heard of before. The list of author birthdays was cool! Clicking on my library titles and seeing the reviews was great! Very helpful especially if it is a book that I have not as yet read. This is a very comprehensive and practical Google application. It is a winner with me!


Library Lady said...

Don't forget the tags, Gizmo! You can tag your books and find similar reads with the same "themes" or associated tags.

Great job.

Melissa P. said...

If you like Library Thing, you'll love the new catalogue coming to BPL this winter! Watch for it!