Monday, August 18, 2008

RSS Feeds from Google Reader

I loved this site. Didn't realize that this was available. Having all of the news and related feeds based on a number of topics all at your fingertips is an excellent idea. Having listened to and watched several newscasts today, I realized that some of these feeds were current and up-to-date.
I subscribed to the following feeds: News ( current events from around the world including through the BBC); Fun ( several feeds dealing with a collection of unusual trivia such as video clips and daily quotes); Celebrities ( feeds dealing with some of the who's who in the entertainment world); Thinkers (feeds about articles that would stimulate critical analysis and thoughts about some controversial topics); Photography ( feeds that deal with the latest news involving cameras and lenses as well as some beautiful photos shot by various people from around the world including the Toronto area); Science (news features and articles dealing with the latest developments in science such as the recent birth of panda twins in China-this occurred on the second day of the Beijing Olympics); and finally, Cars ( 5 feeds that spotlight new developments in the automotive world). I will certainly make it a point to visit Google Reader and Google News on a regular basis.

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