Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Diigo - tagging

Since my first post involving Task #3 with Diigo's tagging, I have been able to apply it in some worthwhile ways. Having the Diigo toolbar up and running makes this tool very user friendly and available at the fingertips. I know that I will use it often. This is a most worthwhile feature of Web 2.0


Library Lady said...

Very adventurous!

Melissa P. said...

Yes, the Diigo toolbar gives you the option to access more features. Unfortunately, my family complained about the extra toolbar so I'm just using the Diigolet instead.

Melissa P. said...

By the way, I believe you can import the bookmarks you have saved on your browser to your Diigo library. Click here for instructions if you are interested.

(Sorry to mess up you blog with the deleted comments. Technical difficulties! You can erase all trace of them from your blog when you are signed in. When I delete them, it still leaves the "post removed by author" notation.)