Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Diigo - Tagging

I found this a great tool and resource. I already had many bookmarked sites on my computer so I went through a few of the ones I use often and now have them bookmarked in Diigo. These include websites for riddles, health, LCBO recipes, teacher tube, video sites for teaching literacy as well as free materials for teachers, ecards and PowerPoint backgrounds and templates. I also placed all of my tags into alpha order for quick and easier reference.
The bookmarking was fairly easy to use. I will experiment more with the highlighting and sticky notes functions. This is a super tool for making research easier and for all the possibilities involved in sharing as well as organizing information on websites.

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Library Lady said...

I'm so glad you enjoy Diigo! It has so many possibilities--you can stop at the basics, or really amp up the power with archiving, notes, highlighting, clouds, and on and on and on...

Great job, Giz!