Monday, July 12, 2010

Browsing through YouTube is like opening a box of chocolates; you never know what you may find if you are just surfing through randomly. I also like the fact that one video's topic can lead to others that are similar in nature. This just widens the scope adding to the motivational appeal. YouTube clips are both entertaining and educational although there are nonsense ones as well where videos have been uploaded on a lark and for no other reason.
I enjoy animals and seeing man interact with them. In following through with this focus, I found this clip called Bart the Bear's Legacy. I recall seeing Bart in the movie The Bear although he has appeared in other movies as well. This particular clip shows the special relationship Bart had with his trainer. It is amazing to see the trust and love between beast and man.
Streaming of videos on YouTube has become popular for several reasons - ease of access to a host of topics and subject matter, brevity of the video clips making it to the point and not drawn out, exploration of human nature in a variety of contexts, expansion of newsworthy items with immediacy. Key news happenings often go viral and across the globe in minutes.
I have used YouTube often and will continue to do so. I also find that my university students are now incorporating streaming videos into their presentations as am I when I am teaching. Both the medium and the message are worthy of attention.


Library Lady said...

Fantastic, Gizmo! And I loved the clip you posted. I remember seeing the movie The Bear and crying my eyes out... But then I also cry watching Planet Earth...

There is a fascinating documentary called Grizzly Man that chronicles the life of a man who cared for grizzly bears but eventually met a somewhat twisted fate. It won awards at various film festivals and we have at least one copy here at the library. I'd really recommend it.

Click HERE to view the trailer.

nance said...

I'm a big suck when it comes to animals. Loved it!!!

Melissa P. said...

Wow--homage to Forest Gump and Marshall McLuhan in the same post! I hadn't thought about university students using YouTube in presentations--another great application.

Gizmo said...

Thank you all for your comments. Library Lady, I appreciated the trailer to Grizzly Man. I looked at it as well as some of the related clips on YouTube. Will have to borrow the DVD.