Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ed Tech Cohort

What an exciting school year lies ahead here at Brock, Hamilton Campus! The 2011-2012 designation of Cohort D as Ed Tech is a thrilling challenge for me - thrilling because of the new ground that we will be breaking with our cohort's new tech focus but at the same time challenging because of the new learnings and experiences on the horizon for me. I look forward to experiencing authentic and creative classroom applications for Livescribe, ipods, digital recorders, etc. in our cohort's teaching and learning. As always with the use of technology, there will be frustrations along the way but similar to a physical fitness regime, where there is no pain, there is likely no gain. I believe in the power of a learning community and feel confident that we will learn and grow together as a cohort community of emerging teachers ready to engage learners in 21st century learning.

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