Monday, August 29, 2011

In sight!

Tomorrow, Barbara, Zoe and I are meeting to plan the fine details of Sept. 1 and 2, the two Opening Days for Brock's 2011-2012 school year for teacher candidates. How quickly this has come around! There is a great deal to put into place for this ed tech cohort, a wonderful and somewhat daunting challenge for this upcoming year. My hope is that I will do it justice. With Zoe and Camille's guidance, I know that I will really stretch my technology know-how. My processing of all of these new initiatives takes a bit longer but we will learn and grow together; we are a new community of learners. I am so very pleased that Barbara Williams has agreed to return for 4 months until Camille returns from her sabbatical in January. Barbara has a great deal to offer with her polished skills in cooperative learning.
Today, I read an email from a previous teacher candidate in Cohort D. He was in my group last year. He had his orientation day today at the HWDSB; he is so very excited to now officially be on the supply list. He is anxious to get started but needs to be patient because the need for supply teachers is minimal in early Sept. but then increases as the school year unfolds.
Another teacher candidate who was in my JI Lang. Arts class last year emailed today as well to inform me that she has landed a PERMANENT teaching position with the Peel Board. Although she is a certified JI teacher, she will now be teaching Grade 3. She is soooooo excited as I am for her.
These two positive news items just reinforce the notion that all is not doom and gloom out there. There are teaching slots to be filled and when keen teachers are in the right place at the right time and have done exceedingly well to "market themselves" professionally and positively, then success can be found.
I am also following the blog of another of my Cohort D members who is now teaching in South Korea. She has done an excellent job to post to her blog. I see many happy children in her class and Sabrina too seems to be totally enjoying her new profession and career at the other end of the globe.

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