Monday, September 5, 2011

Ed Tech Teachers

I have read through the brief bios/profiles that Cohort D, Ed Tech Teachers completed on Friday, Sept. 2 of Brock's "orientation day" to the 2011 -2012 teacher training year. I am very impressed with the eclectic range of skills and backgrounds that this group of 29 teacher candidates brings to our class. There has been an incredible variety of volunteerism garnered across a number of years. There are several who have taught in South Korea as well as in a private school setting. There are many who are interested in sports in a coaching capacity. Still, others have a passion for the arts in such areas as music, drama and puppetry. Amateur photography, martial arts, 'gamification", baking and cake decorating are also represented. Several have worked with children who have specific learning needs such as hearing and autism. Many have been involved in tutoring across all ages and subject areas.
With such rich backgrounds, these teacher candidates will be in an excellent position to hopefully share such skills in their respective internship schools when considering running interest groups or clubs.
We are off to a great start with incredible potential and a strong intent on making a difference in the lives of young learners.l

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