Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sept. 8 Ed Tech Session - The Hardware

What a full day! We bounced from one ed tech tool/device to another...Livescribe pens, LCD projectors, document cameras, clickers, digital recorders. It is truly amazing how much these kinds of equipment have changed in just 5 years. So many new capabilities! So many new developments! What will the next 5 years bring? The digital age has drastically changed how we communicate much like the printing press did hundreds of years ago.
Kyle Tuck, our Brock IT guru, guided us through this all-day session. He was patient and did extremely well at putting the teacher candidates at ease for surely these sessions can be intimidating. Thanks Kyle for walking us through this day in a gentle but encouraging manner.
Now I will forge ahead and further explore the Livescribe pen's capabilities and try to create a video to upload to YouTube. With these steps, I will most definitely be charting what is new territory for me at this point.

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