Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Session 2: Diversity

A great Session 2 for 8D09! I was very impressed with the opening and closing circle activities planned and run by Natalie Gilbert and Candice Shaw respectively. It is heart-warming to see the bond and interplay developing amongst our cohort members in these and other session activities. The closing circle with the tea candles was especially moving. There was a sense of peace as well as trust in the room. People felt comfortable enough to honestly share their main concerns even at this early stage of the school year. Yes, time management seems to be the underlying issue with most. Finding that fine balance between personal and professional responsibilities is another one that resounded around the circle.
Finally, there was excitement as each person was placed into their internship groups to peruse their school's website. Next week, they shall discover more about their placements. Lots of good school website digging was done to discover some initial information about their school's diversities. I am looking forward to reading their blog entries to this question: " How does today's session on diversity help you in preparing for your internship school?"

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Michelle said...

I found it extremely valuable to look into the school's mission statements and the types of clubs and teams they have organized for their students. I'm excited to start my observation days and get to know the institutions atmosphere and classrooms community dynamic. My eyes are already peeled.